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Triple Cylinder Alligator Squeezers

Avro Tools Triple Cylinder Alligator Squeezers

Triple Cylinder Alligator Squeezers

Avro offers a diverse selection of rivet squeezers for todays demanding applications. Special jaws or yokes are available upon request. All Avro riveters are available with high output wedges for high force applications. A micrometer style adjustable set holder is available on all rivet squeezers to eliminate the use of shims.

  • Adjustable set holder available for all Yokes. Specify “ADJ”. (Example: 10165ADJ)
  • 5mm set holders are available upon request. Specify “E”. (Example: 10165E)


  • All specifications are rated at 90PSI (6.21 BAR) air pressure.
  • Air Inlet 1/4 NPT Standard.
  • Use 5/16(8 mm) ID Hose.
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